Our latest photoshoot in Detroit

Cheekies Team

We’re going to take you behind the curtain for a sec 👇🏽

This summer, we went to Detroit to do a photoshoot of the new Commuter Mask.

It’s often said that the best photos tell a story. Not locations, but settings. Not shot lists, but chapters and acts. Not subjects, but heroes. Not a collection of photos, but a coherent theme.

With @nartinian behind the lens, and @ayannaaneesarafia@persianluv22 and @yoshi__sugiura as our heroes, we set out to tell a new narrative around masking—one that’s different from what we see everyday on the news and media. And we couldn’t have chosen a better place to do it than downtown Detroit.

The grit, resilience, roll-up-our-sleeves, us-against-the-world spirit of Detroit is what we’ve all called on during the darkest days of the pandemic.

But this story isn’t just about buckling down and getting through the dark days.

It’s also about renewing our sense of hope, our trust in each other, and our ingenuity to create a new and better world for future generations.

Well, at least that’s the story of Detroit… so, what’s our story?

Not us as in Cheekies—we’re just a small business that takes masks (and photoshoots) a little too seriously.

Us as in our generation. What will be our story as we are tasked with moving forward out of the pandemic? Will it be a story of stubbornness from changing old habits? Fear from each other? Pessimism for imagining a better future?

Or will this be a story of renewal?

It’s up to us to write it ✍️.