Stop Asian Hate.

Dave Yen

We started Cheekies during the pandemic to help protect each other and keep each other safe.

And it’s this same reason why today we're reaching out, and asking for your support.

The recent violence and hate directed towards Asian Americans is deeply disturbing. As an Asian American family owned business, this hits close to home.

Stop AAPI Hate is a new coalition that was formed during the pandemic in response to the increase in hate crimes against Asian Americans.

The work they're doing is inspiring—helping to raise awareness and reporting of hate incidents against Asian Americans. For a community that often feels invisible and insignificant, this is the first step towards progress.

To help support Stop AAPI Hate, 100% of all Cheekies sales this weekend will be donated to their organization. You can also make a donation directly at

Let’s all keep each other safe. Let’s stop Covid, and let’s stop the hate.