Thank you, USPS

Cheekies Team

Everyday when 5pm sneaks up on us, we rush over to the post office to ship out the latest batch of masks. We’ve gotten to know the postal workers behind the counter pretty well—like Jim.

Jim works at our local post office in San Francisco

Jim works six days a week and is a crowd favorite (or at least our favorite), always showing a sense of humor and light heartedness... even when the lines get long and customers become impatient.

This year, we witnessed the leadership and administration of USPS become shamefully politicized, and its integrity disparaged by our President with baseless claims of mail-in voting fraud.

But let’s not forget the men and women, like Jim, who are working long hours to help protect our democracy. The pandemic has created immense logistic pressures on our postal service as a result of the spike in e-commerce shopping. Giving our friend Jim a Cheekies mask was an honor.

For those who are fortunate to work remotely, remember to express your gratitude for those who can’t. And to our essential and healthcare workers - thank you. Our hope is that with the outcome of this election, we do our job to serve you like you’ve done for us.

Thank you, Jim

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